Why is my Nose Deformed after Rhinoplasty?

Why is my nose deformed after rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is surgery to redo a person’s nose. This operation is often requested by a patient for several reasons and one of them is to look more elegant.

Why is my nose deformed after rhinoplasty?

But although it is rare, it sometimes happens that after this first intervention, the patient redoes another one. And for good reason, his nose remained deformed after the first surgery. What are the causes of such a phenomenon? What to do in this case? Response elements.

A poorly executed operation

Rhinoplasty is a very delicate surgical operation. Thus, if the latter is poorly conducted, the patient could therefore be exposed to several inconveniences. One of them remains the deformation of the nose.

Although rare, this problem has many consequences on the life of the person who has had their nose done. Among these are:

  • loss of self-confidence;
  • Rejection by those around him;
  • the cessation of many activities, etc.

So many disappointments could have been avoided if the latter had chosen a competent surgeon. This health specialist must indeed be accredited by the State and must necessarily have experience in the field.

An accident that touches your nose

Immediately after rhinoplasty, the patient may hit a door or have any other accident that would affect his nose. The direct consequence of this incident will therefore be the deformation of the patient’s nose.

To prevent this from happening to you, be sure to be thorough and take care of your nose. No rough play or sporting activity is allowed.

Failure to observe postoperative rules

When a person has rhinoplasty, their surgeon will give them firm instructions that they must follow after the surgery. If she does not put these recommendations into practice, she exposes herself to risks such as the deformation of her nose. Below are some rules not to be broken.

Avoid doing sports

It is forbidden to practice a sports activity after a rhinoplasty. These muscular efforts will have the effect of soliciting the various muscles of the patient and those of his nose may be affected.

Do not expose yourself to the sun

To preserve the shape of a patient’s nose, doctors who specialize in nose surgery recommend that all their patients stay out of the sun. This medical recommendation should be followed for at least two months. Otherwise, you may end up with a deformed nose.

Do not take medicine without a doctor’s approval

Many patients engage in self-medication. It is an act that must be avoided after rhinoplasty. In this way, you remain spared.

Distorted nose after rhinoplasty: what to do?

If after nose surgery a patient discovers that their nose is deformed, they should inform their healthcare specialist directly. Only the latter can give you the procedure to follow. But in the majority of cases, you should do a secondary rhinoplasty.

A second surgical intervention will again require financial, psychological, and physical resources. To avoid this, take care to respect the measures given by your surgeon and above all choose an excellent specialist for your intervention.


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