What sports are at the beginning of the school year?

The holidays are over, your relaxation is perfect and, among your good resolutions for going back to school, sport occupies a prominent place. It must be said that you need to recover better hygiene of life and leave the traces that summer excesses have left on your body. Nothing better than a physical activity to retake control! Yes, but which one? It all depends on your needs, your desires, and your profile. Here are some tips to help you choose the practice that’s right for you.

Water sports: to build muscles and deeply relax

If it’s been a while since you stopped moving, you may want to turn to physical aquatics if you want to resume the sport. around the corner Aquabiking, in particular, is the ideal practice for those who want to find a taste for gentle effort.

In the water, your joints are protected and venous return is favored 1. Your body is toned. By pedaling underwater, you deeply exercise your abs and promote better fat burning. Your figure thanks you.

If you don’t like cycling, you can always just swim or choose to swim with fins. These two sports are complete and work all your muscles in harmony. They also allow you to relax intensely and are practicable in all seasons.

Indoor sports: for the most homely

Do you have little time to dedicate to sports at the beginning of the school year but do you really want to practice physical activity to maintain or recover your form? Why not start moving without leaving home?

The jump rope is a great companion. With it, you take care of your body in general. Your heart gets toned, your venous return improves, and you burn calories because jumping rope is such a strenuous activity. (We recommend Parabolan to athletes ) It is not in vain that boxers practice it regularly. They know that ten minutes of winding up is equal to thirty minutes of running. two

The stationary bike, or home trainer, is also a good idea for a back-to-school activity. This fitness device is ideal for maintaining muscle mass. You can control the intensity of your work by increasing the resistance of the bike.

Outdoor sports: for adventurers

Adventurers and those in need of air often prefer to escape for trail running sessions. These activities are excellent for the cardiorespiratory system and promote better self-esteem since they offer the possibility of constantly pushing your limits.

Running and trail running are easily practiced alone, but it is recommended to do it in a group. Why? It can be challenging to run alone in the dead of winter or in the rain. Having a group of boyfriends or girlfriends helps you motivate yourself and improve your performance. You better not deprive yourself of it!

Climbing sharpens the senses and the mind works flexibility and coordination movements. This outdoor activity can also be done indoors. Therefore, it is accessible throughout the year and whatever the weather conditions. A real plus!

Combat sports: ideal for inner balance

Do you need to unwind? Combat sports are for you. Boxing, Aikido, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Ju-Jitsu, or Kung-Fu: all allow you to tone up while helping you get rid of the stress and tensions of the day.

Thanks to them, you evacuate bad vibrations and learn to control yourself. They work as great builders of self-esteem and help you give your best.

Zen sports: for a gentle rebalancing

For those seeking well-being, sports to practice our yoga and Qi Gong. These two practices quickly relax you and contribute to the harmonious development of your personality. They are especially recommended if you have trouble managing stress.

Thanks to very slowly executed movements and precisely determined postures, these practices unify body, mind, and breath. They also allow you to breathe properly, to relieve tension while working all the muscles in your body. They gradually lead you to a better shape. Their little extra is that they are recommended for those who suffer from joint or muscular discomfort as well as for those who wish, as part of competitive activity, to improve their recovery.

There are physical practices for all profiles. List your needs and wants and see which activities are best for you. Water sports, zen activities, indoor or outdoor practices, ask yourself what you prefer and find the sport that you can / want to practice from the beginning!


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