What Sport to Choose to be in Shape this Summer?

What Sport to Choose to be in Shape this Summer? Gaining muscle is both a goal and a means. We want to lose weight in order to regain good physical and moral health.

What Sport to Choose to be in Shape this Summer?

To have a good musculature is to be aesthetically fit as well. However, to be in shape this summer, it is not only bodybuilding that you can practice.

A sport that is adapted to your characteristics

Generally, anyone can do almost any sport they want. In any case, there are a few limitations you ought to know about. A person who has joint problems, back problems, or the aftermath of a trauma can not practice certain disciplines.

Trail running is a very effective sports activity for losing weight, among other things. But for someone who has knee or ankle problems, that’s just not feasible.

Another example is cardio training. It is an activity that particularly solicits the heart and the lungs. This is one of the most effective activities for losing weight and getting in shape this summer.

However, you shouldn’t do it if you have a history of cardiovascular or respiratory problems. The advice of a doctor is obviously very useful before choosing a sport to lose weight.

A sport that burns fat

Note that any physical activity you do on a regular basis can help you lose fat. Just practicing intensive walking on a daily basis will weigh on the scale if you combine it with a healthy and balanced diet.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that we can accelerate weight loss, without aiming for the impossible anyway. It’s all about starting slowly with an activity that isn’t too hard on the body.

The body as well as the organs, especially the lungs and the heart, must have time to adapt to the activities and the new metabolism they generate. The most recommended activity is still cardio training.

In absolute terms, cardio training is not a sport in itself. Rather, it is a way of training that is associated with various sporting activities. The principle of cardio-training precisely helps to strengthen the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

A sport that helps build good muscles

An activity that serves to develop muscles also helps to lose weight, but not in the way we always think of it. During the work to gain muscle and firm it, you actually burn calories, but that’s not all.

Even at rest, with more muscle than fat in the body, basal metabolic rate increases. What does that mean? Metabolism can be simplified as the body’s need for energy at rest. After exercise, muscles burn more calories. Certain activities, including strength training, allow the body to burn calories for up to 72 hours post-workout, according to Dr. Muscu.

Cardio training and strength training: the right tandem

You have to have a heart that keeps the rhythm to support the body in its effort. This is the primary goal of cardio training. Weight training, on the other hand, builds strong muscles. This is why currently, the best way to get in shape for the summer is the combination of cardio training with bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding encompasses several more or less complex disciplines that can be practiced alone or with the support of a professional. Through strength training, you can develop specific muscle groups. It is with bodybuilding that you really move on to sculpting your body.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that bodybuilding is not to be practiced at all costs and at any age or in any situation. It is important to know how to choose the workouts to do if you are, for example, a growing teenager. The use of fillers must, for example, be adapted to the age of the practitioner before he is 22 years old.

The top sports to be in shape this summer

As you will have understood, cardio-training and the development of the musculature are in a way the basis of everything. There are a few sports that professionals recommend more than others. And unsurprisingly, these sports, including swimming, provide much the same benefits as weight training and cardio. They develop muscles and strengthen the heart.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is the winter sport par excellence if you want to lose weight before the arrival of summer. Imagine that depending on your practice, it is possible to lose between 500 to 1100 kcal by cross-country skiing for an hour.

The elliptical trainer

As not everyone has access to the ski slopes, there is the elliptical trainer. The elliptical trainer can be practiced at home or in the gym, its greatest advantage is that this device makes it possible to reproduce the gestures of cross-country skiing.

The rowing machine: a complete activity

Rowing or rowing uses up to 80% of the body’s muscles. It is an activity whose intensity is more or less moderate. It can be practiced for a certain period of time at a more or less sustained pace. In addition, it is equipment present in all sports halls.

Running or the treadmill

Anything running burns a lot of calories. Cross-country skiing is even the activity that allows you to spend the most energy. Running can burn up to 1000 kcal per hour. If you don’t have the opportunity to run in the great outdoors, the treadmill will do.


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