The 14 commandments of fitness

Fitness: Between the advertisements for slimming pills and the pseudo-scientific articles that abound on the networks, it is sometimes difficult to detect the true from the false on fitness.
As a personal trainer for over 12 years, I often have the same conversations with people about recurring themes. 
In order to answer these questions once and for all, here is what I learned to be healthier and more physically fit.
Sorry but it’s true. Sure, you can speed up the process, avoid mistakes, and maximize your work with tried-and-true methods, but what’s important here is your effort.
Hard work and discipline are key.

2. Scales are not a good way to track fat loss.

Unless you have more than 10-15kg to lose, scales are useless. They do not differentiate between muscle and fat. 

3. Pain is good, but it’s not a sign of a good workout.

If the day after a session you don’t feel bad, so much the better! Pain is not a criterion of effectiveness.
Some people tend to have pain afterward and some don’t. Everyone reacts differently to base training depending on their body’s inflammatory response.

4. Training on pain will only lead to injury

Apply yourself in your movements and respect the rules of your training. Improper techniques can lead to acute or chronic long-term injuries. 

5. Attitude is everything to get good results

If you are positive and have a real desire to progress, you will get results. Attitude and success are linked, it’s proven.

6. Don’t believe that only old age affects your physical performance.

Spoiler alert: none of us will live forever. OK, kiss.
The more time you spend practicing bad habits, the more your physical condition will deteriorate. Stop smoking or banging your head against a wall and go for a healthy lifestyle.

7. Exercising is like brushing your teeth.

No one is super enthusiastic about brushing their teeth. Yet you have to do it, and you do it. And you don’t clean your teeth five times one week and once the next. 
It’s the same for sports. No need to do intense sessions for 3 days and then nothing. Make it your routine.

8. Many variables have contributed to your current health and physical condition.

We’re all different. Some people are genetically predisposed to be more athletic, others are not. That’s life, and a new spoiler, she’s cruel.
It is therefore important to know where you are and the level you want to reach. You can then adjust your dietary efforts and exercise load accordingly.

9. Recovery after exercise is just as important as the workout itself.

A healthy post-workout meal, seven to nine hours of sleep, and downtime are key to maximizing your results. 
And yes Michel, because they are obtained by recovering from training and not during.

10. You are what you eat

What you eat (or don’t eat) has a huge impact on your health and defines your fitness and body composition potential.
Also, consider the quality of the food you eat. The quality of your food depends on the health of the plant or animal from which it comes. You are what you eat.

11. If you’re looking for an excuse, you’ll always find one.

Remember that somewhere in the world there is someone else, in worse circumstances than you, who still achieves their goals.

12. Results are not linear.

The body doesn’t work like that. Sometimes you have to follow the routine, stay in the monotony of good nutrition, and have faith in training. Don’t expect consistent progress every week. 

13. There are many ways to improve your diet – not just one truth.

Not everyone has to follow the same eating plan as long as the fundamentals remain the same:
Eat natural whole foods, forget about processed foods, and give your body enough nutrients to stay fit and maintain your muscles. And also create an energy or calorie deficit to lose unwanted body fat.

14. Your current appearance and abilities are largely a result of how you eat and move every day.

This will also be the case in one, five, or ten years. How do you eat and move every day? What adjustments can you make to achieve your fitness goals?.

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