Some Common Sense Rules to Fight Against Viruses

Some Common Sense Rules to Fight Against Viruses. Viruses are contagious and are transmitted from one individual to another by coughing, sneezing, or contact with contaminated people or objects. They should then be notified.

Some Common Sense Rules to Fight Against Viruses

Taking care of your health remains one of the most difficult tasks in the world and often, the more importance you attach to it, the more you are subject to inexplicable illnesses. Certainly, there are bound to be explanations for this given that some people catch viruses easily and others do not. But how to fight them? The details to better understand.

First, identify viruses

There are a whole host of viruses that often attack the most fragile among us. It should be noted that some viruses come to life during heat waves while others are more favorable in the winter months. The first step in the fight against these viruses is to identify them to protect against them.

Malaria, for example, is very common in tropical countries, special mosquito nets are used to avoid mosquito bites. But since it’s winter here, coughs and colds reign supreme. Thus, one can expect a virus epidemic if one is not yet immune. In short, it is better to identify them before taking a step toward preventive or curative measures.

Moreover, it is always useful to point out that some people, even in the presence of an individual who has caught a virus, are completely immune. This is explained by the strengthening of its antibody which prevents viruses from entering the body.

Understand how we catch viruses

Whatever the virus in question, be aware that they are spread in public places, by contact with contaminated people or objects that have been contaminated, in a confined space with a lack of ventilation, and sometimes even by hand.

When we sneeze or cough, it could be that the person who shares his bed or his meals may be contaminated. Viruses also spread and grow even in dust and in the air. Some homes with high humidity are also exposed to flu viruses. Also, it is by better understanding the origin of the contamination that we can finally act accordingly. Nevertheless,

Fight against viruses: get vaccinated

To avoid catching viruses, vaccination is a mandatory step. Certainly, there are vaccines against the flu, cough or colds, and even against fever. Note that fever is often accompanied by the strong flu, so the vaccine is an effective way to protect against viruses.

Thus, once vaccinated, the exposure to a virus epidemic will be much lower since it strengthens its immune system and in some cases prevents the spread of the virus.

Eat anything with vitamin C

It is important to protect yourself from viruses that can weaken your whole body by getting vitamin C. You can certainly find them in a pharmacy, but it is quite possible to consume them naturally by eating fruits, vegetables, and fish.

For the fruit, it is especially necessary to privilege the orange, mangoes, lemons, and all yellow fruits. Admittedly, vitamin C is an excellent defense weapon of the immune system and also brings energy to the body. Its antibody being strengthened, it can easily repel viruses, whether or not one lives with a sick person. On the other hand, to strengthen your antibody, playing sports also turns out to be a wise trick.

Ventilate your home well

Humidity is the best ally of viruses as well as air and if a house lacks ventilation, viruses will frequently attack us. It would also be necessary to let in daylight to kill all forms of life and therefore viruses and bacteria. For good ventilation of your space, it is better to reduce its size, and always leave the windows open even if you have a window.

And if the room is less ventilated and less exposed to natural light, it is advisable to adopt a heating system and also a ventilation system to get rid of viruses. As for the heating, it would be necessary to have optimal heating under penalty of making the mucous membranes more vulnerable to viruses.

Prioritize hygiene measures The best way to fight against viruses is to prevent them by ventilating the patient’s room, and using a disposable tissue when sneezing or coughing. You don’t drag your handkerchief anywhere on the table, in your purse, or on the floor when you’ve caught the flu.

It is also recommended to thoroughly wash the glasses or belongings of a contaminated patient and not to use them. Hands should be washed regularly with soap as these are the main carriers of viruses. Finally, the cleaning of his house is to be done daily to remove dust.

Hands should be washed regularly with soap as these are the main carriers of viruses. Finally, the cleaning of his house is to be done daily to remove dust. Hands should be washed regularly with soap as these are the main carriers of viruses. Finally, the cleaning of his house is to be done daily to remove dust.


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